Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello blogging world

Before I begin reviews, I thought it would be only fair to tell you about myself.

I was quite literally Matilda as a young girl. I spent hours at the library and went home with more books that I could carry. A thank-you to my mother or father(whoever got the short straw on library days) for the extra set of arms. Later, I did book reviews at the Countryside Village bookstore (now the Omaha Bookworm). I was never formerly asked. Instead, I asked my mother for a ride stating my mission; to do book reviews, put on my business negotiation face and had a little chat with the owner. I was in. Then and now, I still favor Beauty and the Beast to any other Disney movie. What could be more romantic than a man who gives his true love a room filled with books?

I am writing to keep a written journal of what I am reading. Too often, I have found myself speeding through book after book, telling friends and family the title but having no real summary or memory of what it is that I have enjoyed so much. This will give me a place to write it all down and a blog to share with them. I also hope I will be able to introduce new books to readers and in reading fellow book lovers' blogs, I hope to have the same experience.


  1. Are you still in Omaha? I was just at the Bookworm this afternoon for a reading.

  2. I do still live in Omaha and was actually just at the Bookworm this past Thursday to pick up Rainbow Rowell's new book.